Mariana Magalhaes

Mariana Magalhaes graduated as veterinarian in 2007 at the university of Lisbon, Portugal. She started an equine rotating internship at the University of Lyon immediately after graduation. The following 9 years she gathered a broad experience in the fields of equine anaesthesia, reproduction and internal medicine in several institutions in Belgium and France among which: University of Lyon(FR), University of Liège(BE), Equine Reproduction Center Keros (BE), Elevage Riverland(FR), Clinique du Cheval Toulouse (FR). In 2016 she returned to University of Lisbon in order to help in the development of a new equine hospital led by Professor Luis Llamas. In Lisbon she is responsible for equine anaesthesia and internal Medicine.
In order to transform her years of experience into the recognised European Diploma for Equine Internal Medicine, Mariana will reinforce our team a part of the year and she will continue to work in Lisbon the other part of the year.

EMERGENCY : +32 (0)2 454 10 00